Liberated Mind Space

While learning to live with less can mean ridding your physical space of things of little to no value, learning to live with less can, and should also, mean ridding your mental space of the same. I get that getting rid of things and only housing things that have worth (not monetary, but actual worth) can free your mental space for the storage of recollections worthy of holding on to, however, we must work, probably harder, to keep that mental space preserved for the good things. To me, it takes a bit more of a conscientious effort to do so than just the ordinary packing up and putting out of actual things. It can, however, be done; and much in the same way that the throwing out of physical things can. All that’s needed is just a little added love and attention in the effort portion of the process.

The problem: I began learning how to cleanse and purify my mental space a couple of years ago. To keep things short, I noticed that I would physically experience overwhelm and sickness when my mind was bombarded with things. Things of this world through the watching of television, immersing myself in social media, and just reading my bible less, to name a few. These things would attach themselves to my mind, my body, and my spirit, and simply pull them all the way down. The direct result, my body would be riddled with panic, my mind full of fog and uncertainty, my spirit lost and without vigor, and my days, weeks, and even months lacking any real productivity.

My response to this: I began to decrease the amount of fuel that I fed to these triggers; the things that seemed to weigh heavy on me. I became okay with giving social media a break. I became okay with not being absolutely everything to everyone. I became okay with allowing mistakes to happen. I became okay with starting over…what felt like, time and time again. And I became okay with saying “no” to the things that I had absolutely no space, time, or energy to complete. I am still very much growing in this, however, when I tell you that it helps my process and my mind to stay even the least bit clear, friends, it truly does.

This doesn’t have to be your process though. What works for me may very well not work for you. The most important thing is that you begin to define the process or the manner in which you will not only free your physical space of clutter and things with little to no meaning (true value), but that you will also define the manner in which you will free your mental space of debris and value-less things. Once you begin, you’ll find it easier to move forward in the cleansing of the areas in which things take up space; both mental and physical. Your mood will be lighter, your mind a lot clearer, and your spirit will be free to do God-things.

Sounds pretty good. Doesn’t it?

A liberated physical space is nothing in the absence of a liberated mind space.
— Tiani